Architecture, it’s a big thing in the city. London’s architectural history spans more than 2000 years with a few burning-downs and rebuilds along the way. Today’s skyline is an eclectic and varied mix – we embrace even the ugly mistakes and when we find a good pub we’ve a habit of hanging on to it – The Olde Wine Shades on Martin Lane was established around 1663. Obviously we’ve been drinking far longer than that, it’s just that the Great Fire of London obliterated most of what existed at the time.

In the last five to ten years there’s been an explosion of building in the city. Centrally, buildings such as The Shard, Heron Tower or Walkie Talkie have made a noticeable impact on the skyline and in surrounding urban areas apartments will be built on any spare scrap of land.

Fortunately though, due to our architectural inheritance, there are very few tall buildings in the city – compared to, for example, Manhattan’s skyline – so there’s still a sense of space.

I don’t focus on any one era of architecture, simply if something catches my eye or appeals to me in some way I’ll take a photo of it. Quite often it’s not the building itself that I’m attracted to but a detail or reflection – it’s the building within its environment.

Gradually I’m going through old photos taken with my Minolta film camera (god rest it’s soul) which were taken from my balcony, overlooking the Thames, facing the City. The photos span roughly 20 years, however the most dramatic changes to the skyline have taken place over the last five years.

When the photos are scanned I’ll post them so you’ll be able to see the changes over, what is historically, a short period of time.

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